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Whether leading projects or supporting other service providers, Distributors of Finishing Materials maintains quality relationships based on integrity and collaboration. The foundation of our success is a company-wide commitment to providing clients with maximum value and ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Below, an example of what we are capable of.


A large industrial titanium manufacturer was coating titanium plates prior to rolling and slitting to help ease the friction caused by the extreme pressure of the rolling/slitting operation.  Prior to coming to us, they hand sprayed the mixture with a pressure pot and spray gun, resulting in large amounts of overspray and surrounding machine and area contamination.


Install and set-up 20 Binks HVLP automatic spray guns to spray apply solution to the top and bottom of the plates. The spray guns are fed by a 1:1 double diaphragm pump mounted on a 55 gallon drum cover with an air driven agitator. The solution is kept in suspension by recirculation and heating from the pump to the guns constantly.


The whole system, spraybooth, guns, pump, heaters, fluid regulators, back pressure regulators and conveyor were installed and adjusted in less than one week with a overall cost of less than $ 20,000.00. The customer immediately realized a tenfold increase in productivity, substantial material savings cost and a more complete uniform coating to the plates resulting in less product waste and end-user rejection. (Due to the nature of the product no pictures were allowed to be taken)


A local aluminum extrusion manufacturer was applying a Boron Nitrate/Deionized water mixture on the end of the hot billets before the extrusion process so it wouldn't stick to the ram while it was being extruded. They were using a modified blow gun/air jet system to apply the mixture. This system, while effective, was not very sanitary or safe. The resulting overspray contaminated the surrounding surfaces and nearby machinery causing numerous accidents and large amounts of down-time for housekeeping.


We recommended the use of a low pressure recirculation spray system with an automatic spray gun adjusted to lightly spray the solution onto the end of the billets prior to being extruded. The recirculation system was needed because the solution separates into its component parts rather quickly when not being agitated. Our technicians installed a 1:1 double diaphragm pump mounted on a stainless steel five gallon can mount with a stainless steel air motor agitator, stainless steel back-pressure valve and two C A Technologies stainless steel recirculation automatic air-spray guns. With this system, the solution is always in circulation from the guns to the holding container. Two guns were used because the system worked so well that we installed a second gun to coat the shear blade with the solution before shearing the extruded product.


The whole system, pump, spray guns and hoses were installed in less than two days over the weekend shutdown at a relatively low cost. The customer realized a significant decrease in the amount of solution being used and will recover the cost of installing the system in saved Boron Nitrate purchases in a little over three months. The advantage of having a fixed spray-gun resulted in less overall overspray and one less action for the press operator to perform.

 With very low amounts of overspray and more solution being applied to the billets there were notably fewer accidents in the press area  and less time being devoted to cleaning contaminated machines.

Below you will see the guns and pump in action, click on the picture to see the large version.



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