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It always pleases us when our customers take time to pass on their thanks and words of praise.  It reinforces our belief that there is a need for a company that has the honesty and integrity to do business in today's global economy.

"...I am glad I found these guys, what they don't know about the painting business, they find out..."


   Bruce Franklin

                            All Painting & Decorating, LLC


"...whenever we have a problem with our paint line that we can't figure out, our maintenance man always says "hey call Distributors and get them down here ASAP"..   

                                                                                                     Tobey Wilford, GM   

                                                                                                      Aluma-Fab Inc.

"...I started my business about 12 years ago as a two man operation in my garage and the guys at Distributors of Finishing Materials have always treated me like the "big" business I've become today. Whether I've bought a $ 200.00 spray gun or when they installed our quarter of a million dollar door sanding and finishing line, Jeff and Mike and everybody else in their operation have been there for me ... I just simply can't trust anyone else..."

                                                                                                    John Engle, Owner

                                                                                                    Bell Doors & Hardwood Products Co.

"...We had a problem spraying a epoxy coating my people had no experience with and with deadlines looming, even our paint rep couldn't figure out what was wrong. That's when I made the call to them (Distributors of Finishing Materials), they sent a crew to the jobsite to check my pumps and equipment. It turns out that we didn't let the epoxy sweat long enough. No one caught that, not even the paint manufacture's rep, but those guys did... that's what I call service..."

                                                                                                    Joe Carlise, Foreman

                                                                                                    American Tank Painting Co.

...'Sure sometimes you might pay a dollar or two more for something, but the service and know-how behind who is selling/servicing you these products is well worth a few bucks."

                                                                                                    Billy Clark, Foreman

                                                                                                    Ohio Painting Corp.

"...When my father started this business 30 years ago he  used to tell me " you buy groceries at a grocery store, and you can buy antiques at a antique shop, so why would you buy spray equipment from a paint store ?, go with the people who know equipment" , and now the older I get the more sense he makes, that's why we have Distributors of Finishing Materials service all our equipment needs."

                                                                                                    Anthony Curd

                                                                                                    Curd Industrial Painting

"Sometimes, even before I bid a job, I call Distributors of Finishing Materials to see if I have the right equipment for the job."

                                                                                                    Larissa Parks, Estimator    

                                                                                                    Parks Painting 

" I came to Distributors of Finishing Materials with an idea of building a "monster" sewer jetting machine, not only did they jump into the project with both feet, they built a rig so powerful and so much cheaper than I could find elsewhere, that now I can bid (and usually win) jobs that no one else can or will do. It was well worth the time and money to get to know all the guys and their capabilities."

                                                                                                    Lee Peters

                                                                                                   " The Drain Doctor"


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